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In response to the on-going requests by builders, and in recognition to the "new" home-buyers expectations, H & D Electric established its "Structured Wiring Division" in the Fall of 2000.  

Understanding that "Structured Wiring" is more than running just your old telephone and cable TV wiring, H & D Electric sought specialized product to meet the needs of this upgraded product in your home. OnQ provides the most enhancement for your investment.

H & D Electric works with each of its builders to develop and offer specific structured wiring packages with both standard and upgrade features. Showroom and Design Center displays are created to present these packages to the home-buyers. Training sessions may continue weekly until staff has a complete comfort level with this cutting edge technology.

Furthermore, H & D Electric recognizes that home automation is coming closer and closer reality in today's production home market.  With this structured wiring division established, H & D Electric is poised to meet these demands as well.

What is OnQ

H & D Electric has chosen OnQ as its provider of choice for its structured wiring product needs.  With over 15 years expertise in the Structured Wiring Industry no other product has the "experience", expertise or product capabilities that OnQ provides.

For additional information about this industry leader, click on our link to "OnQ"

See some compatible products for your structured system.


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