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Web-Enabled Concept Refrigerators
Three years ago, GE and Whirlpool showed the Web-enabled concept refrigerators at the International Builders Show. It seems the refrigerator door has become a black canvas crying to be painted with something. This year's show included two entries. The difference is the Samsung's Homepad Internet Refrigerator and LG Electronics' Internet Refrigerator is actually for sale. Their Web pads also double as television screens. When asked why they think their products will fly while earlier ones crashed, both companies simply asserted that the time is right Stay tuned.
iPronto Home Controller
In this industry, it's virtually impossible to find someone who hasn't had some face time with a member of the Philips Pronto family. In fact, this little handheld device has really developed its own cult following - especially on the Internet. So when we heard that Philips was coming out the iPronto to compete with high-end intelligent home control, we knew we had a strong candidate for the year's Top 50 lists. This wireless audio/video, home automation and other infrared / radio frequency / Ethernet home applications into one touchpad. This just may be the piece to bring the connected home to every home - combining the best hardware and software in one easy to use package.
Watchdog Pro
It's surveillance made simple - the Odyssey Watchdog Pro surveillance system lets you watch the kids, your employees or anyone else when you are away. Even if you already have cameras, the system can easily integrated into any setup. Using the same technology as in Odyssey's commercial products, this unit converts your PC into a personal surveillance system - all at an affordable price. View everything around the clock, or setup the unit to capture motion-triggered events. Receive information via your email, on your pager or on your cell phone. The Watchdog Pro is Windows 98/2000/XP compatible, and is easy to set up. Just install the software and within minutes you'll be viewing video. It's available in 2 or 4-camera systems.
Home Automated Systems
The em power home automation system from Smart Systems Technologies is a modular interactive security system that works with a home's other subsystems: security appliance control, distributed audio and HVAC. Em power can cut electric bills by automatically turning appliances on and off, and by controlling lighting through the use of timers. If there's a fire, it can even shut down the home's HVAC system to keep it from circulating smoke and fire.
There are many types of electronic systems you might choose to include in a new home. A whole-house music system, a lighting control system and a security system are some of the most popular. Alone, each "subsystem" comes with its own control devise. A lighting control system comes with keypads that control a home's lights. A security system comes with its own keypads, as does the whole-house music system. Added up, that's a lot of keypads to mount on a wall, and a lot of button punching for one family to handle.
A home control system consolidates the operation and command of every system under one home control keypad. This tremendously simplifies the process of managing a house
What used to require pressing at least a half-dozen buttons to prepare a house for bedtime, for example, can now be accomplished efficiently by pressing one button on a home control keypad.
Each keypad sends its command signal to a home control processor, which relays the command to the
microprocessor of each appropriate electrons subsystem. The subsystem microprocessors interpret the command and send it to the appropriate devices. For example, a home command engaged at the home control keypad might travel over low-voltage wiring to the security microprocessor, the lighting control microprocessor and the hot-tub microprocessor. The security microprocessor might disarm all security sensors, the lighting control microprocessor might illuminate the kitchen and the adjacent family room, and the hot-tub control might start heating up the water.
Digital Audio
Digital Audio Server
Sonance has introduced a digital audio server that can store 2,500 hours of music and play different selection simultaneously in as many as four audio zones. The 160 - giglbyte Concierge includes a network connection for transferring files stored on a personal computer, and a CD player for copying CDs to its internal hard drive. After copying a CD, the Concierge retrieves the album data (name, artist, song titles and music genre) from an Internet database and stores the information on the hard drive. The company says simple on-screen menus are used to browse songs, create play lists, play songs and display album information. Concierge is expandable to 10 zones.
The Hookup
Don't know which way to switch? Tributaries' new C2sX Composite to s-Video Converter provides an inexpensive, yet easy solution to switching multiple - format video sources through your A/V receiver. This little piece converts each video source's composite output to S-Video. Then it's connected to the appropriate S-Video input of the A/V receiver. So the only rewired connection to the TV will be one S-Video cable. It even converts S-Video of composite for added flexibility. No mess, no fuss, perfect sense. It's outstanding picture quality at a nice price.

You've got MP3s to burn, but just one problem - no burner. CDs are so 20th century when you can just listen to downloaded tunes directly from your PC. All you need is a home network jack near your audio system and an MP3 decoder like the Barix Exstreamer. The Exstreamer accepts MP3 bit streams from your computer over your network via its RJ-45 Ethernet port, converts them to analog audio, and passed them along to your music system through stereo RCA or mini jack outputs. Browser-based software manages the device.
Roku Soundbridge
Put your music where your mouth is - it makes it a whole lot easier to sing along. Roku's mew SoundBridge network music players let you listen to your computer's digital audio files almost anywhere in the home. Either of the new unites - the M1000 or the M2000 - integrates with your home network through a wired Ethernet connection; access play lists on your Mac or PC and stream Apple iTunes or a variety of music formats to dedicated speakers or any other stereo system. There's even an easy-to-use remote, so you never have to leave the couch.
All hands should be on the deck - the DigitalDeck entertainment suite. This unit provides a complete connection to all of your home entertainment. This tasty trio of goodies can deliver A/V galore. The Advanced Media Manger (shown) acts as the content manager, while the Media Adapter pulls everything - your satellite TV, DVD players, security cameras, and more - all to your home network. It even adds in a little extra Web-based content. Pull it all together with the remote control (included), which can be used anywhere in the house.
All-in-one Network Appliance
FTP server
SPI Firewall
10/100 Ethernet Switch
Cable/DSL Router
Network Attached Storage
Hot Swappable & Plug n Play
VPN allows you to create a secure and private network
Designed for small and home offices (SOHOs), IOGear's BOSS is a hardware solution used to maintain and manage a small network. This all in one solution has everything you need to build a complete and secure network in 1 box: Network Attached Storage (NAS), a cable/DSL router, an Ethernet switch and Web site hosting functions. BOSS also comes with a Firewall, built-in Virtual Private Networking (BPN and File Transfer Protol (FTP) server capabilities. Preinstalled and ready to go, this device is ready for use as soon as it arrives!

Video / Media Systems
Network Cameras
Send your smile all over the globe! With Panasonic's new KX-HCM280 network camera, you can send images from you home or business to anywhere that can access the Internet - even on a Web-enables cell phone or PDA. Record still pictures or video, or just have the camera catch the important stuff via an alarm trigger. The camera can be placed wherever there is access to your high-speed Ethernet network and a power source; no PC is needed. It features a built-in Web server and its own Web page; your pictures will be uploaded and ready for whenever you want to view them.
Now you can really keep an eye on things. D-links 12EYE Broadband Videophone delivers videoconferencing capabilities right on your TV. Whether for local or long-distance calls, you can use the unit without a connection to a PC. Connection through a VCR allows video call recording for safe-keeping or for adding to a home movie. It's great for work or staying in touch with Grandma. And if you wan a little privacy, the simple on-screen menu lets you stay active in the conversation without the preview of your cowboy pajamas.
Mirra Personal Server 1.1
Music and movies and spreadsheets The Mirra Personal Server is designed to alleviate some of your hard drive's pain. Mirra provides an easy way to protect, share and remotely access all of your files and email. Mirra is secure, private and seamless. Whenever you edit or save a new file, it gets backed up to Mirra. There are no CDs, floppies or tapes to load - ever. Two models are available: and 80 GB or a 120 GB.
Under-Cabinet TV with DVD Player and Phone
Mounted under a kitchen, office cabinet, this compact media center stays folded up and out of the way - until you're ready to watch TV or a DVD. The ultra-slim 10.4: screen that swings down from the unite is large enough cot be seen anywhere in the room and can be swiveled to get just the right viewing angle. It is cable-rely to receive 125 channels, and it can be used as a stereo system, playing CDs and MP3s as well as tuning in AM/FM radio stations. It can act as a hands-free telephone receiver connecting to a phone jack allowing you to take calls at the touch of a button without interrupting your work.
Couch Hacker
Never mind programming the VCR - why not reprogram you entire entertainment system? The Telly MC1000 is a Linux-based digital hub that combines broadband Internet, cable or satellite TV, CD/DVD playback and recording, an IR remote and wireless keyboard, networking ports, and an 80GB drive for as much as 60 hours of digital video recording. Since the gadget is designed for customization, tech tinkerers can upgrade the Tell's hardware and software to add a bigger hard drive or down the road, install customer apps that remotely control everything from the security alarm to the temperature of the fridge.
Pinnacle Systems
Getting bored burning you PC medial onto discs, then schlepping them over to your A/V system? Let a middleman do the work: Pinnacle Systems' Shoetree. Operated via remote control, this slim, stackable component can stream you PC's digital files to you home theater of listening room. It even has its own graphical user interface so you can see what you're doing through you TV. Digital media from you PC streams to the ShowCenter through its Ethernet port. Then it's just one more stop you your A/V rack, where you have a wide range of outputs to connect you gear to the Show Center: Component, composite and S-video, analog stereo, and optical and coaxial digital audio. The interface supports MP3, WMA, and JPEG files as well as MPEG-1, 2, and 4, among other formats.
Shared Network Storage
Share MP3/media files
Quickly add shared network storage for all networked PCs
Ne need for additional hardware or software
Configuration and administration with easy to use browser interface
Built-in FTP server
The Trinton Network Attached Storage (NAS) provides 120GB of network storage is accessible via CAT5 cable. With an easy to use browser interface for administration, this NAS can be integrated quickly into any network and accessed locally or remotely. Easy to install, this full-function file server can be ready to go in less than 5 minutes and the Web based operating system is pre-installed and pre-configured.


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